The history of Space Storage Plymouth LTD, 1995 - Present

1995 – The owner Mr Blacker ran an architectural salvage business for 15 years prior to Space Storage. He purchased a large part of the old Moorhaven Hospital in Bittaford. This was converted into domestic properties and sold in 1999. The proceeds of this were used to fund the purchase of the land & buildings at Space Storage (together with a caravan to live in!).

2000/2001 – Mr Blacker continued to run his architectural salvage business for 2 years on site, but he recalls purchasing 4 old containers for his own stock. Before he could use them, he was having enquiries from business and domestic customers to rent them for self storage – Space Storage was born!

2002/2012 – Rod together with his wife , Kelly ran the business between 2002 and 2012. Starting with 4 containers, they now have a fleet of over 150 containers with over 10,000 sq ft of internal self storage space. Dave came on board in 2004/2005, Rod recalls that myself, Kelly & Dave managed and supervised the total refit of the warehouse into bespoke self storage units and no sooner had we finished one unit, customers were coming in to rent them!

2012 – Present Day – Tony came on board in 2012, and with his motivational and managerial experience, he is helping to drive the business forward. Rod says that we are committed to improving the site as always and are continuously updating the fleet of storage containers. The focus, as always, will be on providing the best customer service and keeping all of our local competitors on their toes. This must be a benefit to all local people requiring self storage.

More recently, Charlotte, Rods daughter & Steve are now full time members of the team which will allow Rod to semi-retire. 



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Vehicle Size

Car : 15-30 sqft
Small Van : 30-50 sqft
Luton Van : 50-125 sqft
7.5ton Lorry : 125-160 sqft

Boxes Required

25 Boxes : 15-30 sqft
50 Boxes : 30-70 sqft
100 Boxes : 50-75 sqft
150 Boxes : 75-100 sqft
200 Boxes : 100-125 sqft

Size of your Property

1 Bed : 35-50 sqft
2 Bed : 50-100 sqft
3 Bed : 100-150 sqft
4 Bed : 150-200 sqft
5 Bed : 175-300 sqft

Recommended Space

0 - 0sqft