Welcome to Space Storage Plymouth

We are a family run local storage company based in Plymouth. We are for people requiring self storage in Plymouth and the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for storage space in Plymouth, you have come to the right place. We have a huge secure internal storage facility.

Using Space Storage couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is pick the size that you require and come see us at Space Storage. We will then show you to your container/unit, where you can lock it with your own padlock so your items are secure.

We are committed to improving and are continuously updating the fleet of shipping containers and storage units, but the focus, as always, will be on providing the best customer service and keeping all of our local competitors on their toes. This can only be a benefit to all local people requiring self storage on Newnham Road, Plymouth, PL7 4AU.

 We are Plymouth’s largest independent family run storage facility

We offer both drive up units & internal units ranging from 15 sq ft to 200 sq ft for domestic & business use.


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Self storage Plymouth.

If you are looking for secure low cost storage space in Plymouth, you have come to the right place.

We have many deals and tailored storage plans to suit your requirements. We also have flexible ways to pay such as credit & debit cards as well as standing order – simply call us on 01752 331133.

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With our clean and spacious trailers there is no need to worry about the additional cost of van hire, driver and fuel.


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Domestic Storage

We want to make it as easy as possible to find low cost storage solutions when storing personal belongings. If you’re running out of space in the spare bedroom or garage, we can help keep your furniture and other possessions safe and secure. We have a wide variety of unit sizes to suit different needs. If you need temperature controlled storage, our internal storage is perfect for you.

At Space Storage, we also have container storage available for hire. The containers include bamboo covered floors to eliminate condensation as well as center lock boxes for extra security and peace of mind. If you’re concerned about getting the items to our facility, our transport service may be of interest. There’s no need to worry about van hire when you can use our spacious, clean trailers. Contact us today if you want a closer look at what we offer.

Domestic storage in Plymouth.
Business storage in Plymouth.

Business Storage

We help a growing number of business customers every day from eCommerce companies looking to store stock to solicitors storing confidential documents. Space Storage endeavours to offer the best possible service when it comes to commercial storage by providing a range of unit sizes to cater for different requirements.

If you need some internal storage for a few documents, we have units that benefit from a temperature controlled environment and automatic illuminating energy efficient lighting. If you are selling online and need to store a large amount of stock for future sales, we have storage containers with bamboo covered floors to eliminate condensation and center lock boxes for extra security.

Internal Storage

The main benefits of using our internal storage are a temperature controlled environment and automatic illuminating energy efficient lighting. The building is fully alarmed and the corridors are covered 24/7 with full HD CCTV. Each storage unit includes a large secure swing door (the larger internal units have double swing doors). Our internal units are on two floors and we have a goods lift on the bottom floor to help move heavier items upstairs.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred unit size, you can deliver items to us using your own transport or take advantage of our trailer. When you arrive, we will show you to your reserved unit and you can use our trolleys and sack trucks to move everything into your unit. Once you’re done moving items in, just lock the unit with a padlock and you keep the key. Access items for our internal storage units can be found here.

Internal storage in Plymouth.
External storage in Plymouth.

External Storage (Container)

If you need container storage, you’ve come to the right place. Container storage has come a long way from the rusty condensation filled metal box. All our storage containers are hi-spec and in great condition. When you hire one of our external containers, you get the following features:

  • Center lock boxes for extra security.
  • 10 vents for added air flow.
  • Bamboo covered floors to eliminate condensation.
  • Rubber topped flooring.
  • Manufactured from corten steel.
  • No internal sweating.

Hiring a container is one of the most popular and affordable options and we have a range of sizes available. If you know roughly what size you need, just give us a call to book your storage. If you’re not sure how much space you’ll need, why not take a look at our sizes guide?

Student Storage

Space Storage offer a number of affordable options for students wanting to store items over the summer or during their time at university. It can be more cost effective to store bulky items while you’re back home during the summer as opposed to transporting them back and forth each year. While your belongings are at our storage facility, they will be completely safe and secure. Our internal storage units are alarmed with 24/7 full HD CCTV in the corridors. We also have external storage in the form of containers if your items are too big for internal storage. Get in touch with Space Storage in Plymouth today to get a quote on student storage.

Student storage in Plymouth.
Shared storage in Plymouth.

Shared Storage

You can get a space in our shared storage facility. This option is perfect for anyone wanting to store a few small items or for students wanting to store belongings over the summer. Our shared storage area is safe and secure. The main benefit is the price as you don’t have to buy an entire container for a few boxes. You can still store most items that you would normally store in a standard unit but you can just pay for the space you are using. Give Space Storage a call for pricing information.

Security of your items is our priority

We know how important it is to know your items are safe and secure. That’s why we have 24 hour security covering every part of our storage facility. This includes state of the art motion detectors, heat detectors and full HD CCTV, as well as a high reinforced perimeter fence and barrier.